TIKA distributes food items to Rohingya refugees

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) on Monday completed a five-day-long distribution of food items among 5,000 Rohingya families in Bangladesh's refugee camps.

“As part of our continuous support to the persecuted Rohingya Muslims, we have completed distribution of our first winter package,” Ismail Gundogdu, the state-run aid body’s Bangladesh coordinator, told Anadolu Agency.

He added that such support from the Turkish government to the stateless Rohingya community in Bangladesh would be continued.

Each family aid package included 5 kilograms of potatoes, 1 kilogram of chickpeas, half a kilogram of dried fish, half a kilogram of garlic, 2 kilograms of lentils, 1 kilogram of sugar and 2 kilograms of flour.

Gundogdu noted that the cooperation to help Rohingya was one of the top priorities in Bangladesh.

TIKA was founded in 1992 and today has offices in 60 countries. The agency opened an office in Bangladesh in 2014 and has carried out hundreds of projects since then.

In September this year, TIKA distributed 5,000 packages of dry food items among the Rohingya in Bangladesh's southern district of Cox’s Bazar.

It also distributed healthcare items and food packages among Rohingya several times this year.

Until 2019, TIKA had distributed hot meals to approximately 25,000 Rohingya refugees on a daily basis.