Famous Syrian pianist reunited with his family in Turkey

A Syrian pianist reunited with his family, who took refuge in Turkey eight years ago.

According to AA correspondent Izzet Mazi's telling, Adnan Al Asmar lived with his family in Azaz in northwestern Syria. He sent his mother and two sisters to Turkey when the civil war erupted.

Asmar chose to stay in Syria and not to leave Syrians without music because it was a ray of hope.

Nearly seven months ago, he joined the Yunus Emre Institute’s Cultural Center in Azaz.

Asmar told his story to Director Mert Talat Dilekcioglu.

Dilekcioglu could not remain insensitive to the issue and contacted Asmar’s sister, Sahar.

The institute made preparations to reunite the family and organized an event in Turkey’s southeastern Kahramanmaras province.

It brought his sisters and mother to Kahramanmaras from Turkey’s southern Hatay province. The family reunited after eight years in a concert.

The mother, who saw her son playing the piano, broke into tears. The moment when the family reunited touched the audience.

Adnan Al Asmar told reporters that he was very affected by the surprise and was at a loss for words.

"I reunited with my mother and my siblings after a long time. I cannot express my feelings,” he said.

He and his mother thanked officials who contributed to the event.

“He did not know that I came here. I have not seen my child for many years, thank you. You have reunited us,” said his mother.