Educational Statistics for Children under Temporary Protection in Turkey: Statistical Report -Origin


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This report aims to describe the educational situation of Syrians under temporary protection (UTP) in Turkey. It includes key statistics on formal and non-formal education offered to Syrian children and adolescents UTP as well as information on the education opportunities available for Syrian youth and adults UTP in Turkey.

The report begins by describing the evolution of the Syrian refugee influx into Turkey and the response of the education sector to the Syrian refugee crisis. It goes on to present selected education statistics for formal education (pre-primary, primary, secondary), non-formal education and higher education for Syrian children, youth and adults UTP in Turkey. In the appendices, additional data by province is provided as well as detailed information about the education situation of children UTP from the 2016-2017 academic year until October 2019.

The data and information were generated mainly by the national Education Management Information System (EMIS), comprising e-Okul for formal education, e-Yaygin for non-formal education, and the Education Management Information System for Foreign Students (YOBIS). The educational activities and results reported were achieved under the leadership of the Ministry of National Education of Turkey (MONE), MoNE and the Government of Turkey continuously work with national and international partners, including UN agencies (UNICEF UNHCR and IOM), the donor community (EU/ECHO, KfW, BPRM, Japan, Kuwait, Sweden and others), multilateral agencies like the World Bank, universities and national and international civil society groups to provide education opportunities for all children UTP and to address challenges that limit their access to those opportunities.

The report highlights the impressive progress achieved by Turkey in providing education services to over 60% of school-age children UTP in Temporary Education Centres (TECs) and Turkish Public Schools (TPSs). Italso underscores tne efforts of MoNE to make non-formal education more accessible to the population UTP In Turkey. Initiatives to provide access for the estimated 400,000 children and adolescents UTP who are still out of school in the academic year 2019-2020 continue to be improved. These ongoing initiatives seek to address the various difficulties that out-of-school children face. These difficulties include the improvement of learning spaces, the provision of Turkish language classes to overcome language barriers, transport Support, increasing awareness about educational opportunities, the provision of relevant learning opportunities and administrative support for enrolment.

Many Syrian children UTP especially adolescents, have missed several years of schooling for reasons such as the circumstances of their displacement from Syria, late school entry, economic problems, placement in grades lower than those appropriate for their age groups, and grade repetition. Integrating these children into the formal education system poses additional challenges.

This report provides key information for MONE staff, school administrators, teachers, scholars, other stakeholders and education partners about the education of Syrians UTP in Turkey.