19-day refugee toll by governorship of İstanbul

Releasing a statement entitled “Irregular Migration, Informal Employment and Unregistered Syrians”, the Governorship of İstanbul has announced that the one sent to removal centers will be deported from Turkey. The Governorship of İstanbul released a statement entitled "Irregular Migration, Informal Employment and Unregistered Syrians" yesterday (August 1).

Accordingly, the following information has been shared by the Governorship:

"12 thousand 474 foreign national illegal immigrants who have come with irregular migration have been referred to the provinces that harbor the Removal Centers specified by our ministry.

"In the same period, 2 thousand 630 Syrians, who are not registered in any of our provinces, have been referred to the Removal Centers in the provinces that have been specified by our Ministry.

Inspection on signboards

"In the period of July 12-31, 7,743 workplaces were visited and consultancy services were provided to our employers and their employees. These consultancy services of our will continue to be provided until August 25.

"As part of the works undertaken to accommodate the workplace signboards with the regulation, 5,866 workplaces have been provided with consultancy services so far and the works to accommodate 1,553 workplace signboards detected to conflict with the regulation are continuing."