Turkish lawmakers call for sharing refugee burden

A delegation of Turkish lawmakers called on the world to share the burden of refugees.

Ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party deputies Ebubekir Gizligider, Lutfiye Ilksen Ceritoglu Kurt, Erdogan Ozegen and main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Aytug Atici on Thursday attended global migration meetings at the UN headquarters.

Following the meetings, Gizligider told Anadolu Agency that Turkey hosts over 3.5 million refugees and meets their needs.

"Here, we tried to explain this, especially to the West: 'Do not leave us alone, because if you leave us alone, then you leave yourself alone'," Gizligider added.

"We will continue to demand material and moral support for the issue," he added.

Kurt said Turkey spends its funds on refugees so that they are able to acquire an education and lead respectable lives.

"The whole world, particularly Europe, talks about a world suffering from [illegal] migration, but none of them take responsibility," Kurt added.