6 thousand 715 Syrian refugees who went to Syria for religious holidays did not return to Turkey

Syrians who are returning to their countries to spend religious holidays through Kilis' Öncüpınar Border Gate

Six thousand 715 of the Syrians who went to Syria to spend their religious holidays through Kilis' Öncüpınar Border Gate did not return to Turkey.

With the permission of Kilis Governor's Office, 53 thousand 798 Syrians went to some cities of Syria, which had been cleared of terrorist organizations through the Operation of Fırat Kalkan via Öncüpınar Border Gate on 15-30 August. The return of the 53 thousand 798 Syrians, who went to various cities of Syria, to visit their relatives for their religious festivals was completed between 5th September and 15th October.

From the Syrians who spent their holidays in the country, 47 thousand 83 returned to Turkey while 6 thousand 715 did not come to Turkey.