Syrian refugees in Turkey prepare for winter

Syrian refugee camps in southeastern Sanliurfa province are almost ready for winter season, an accommodation manager said on Wednesday.

Camp managers of Suruc, Akcakale, Ceylanpinar and Harran are making arrangements to provide relief to nearly 80,000 refugees in cold winter conditions.

Syrian refugees are provided with blankets, heaters, carpets, food, clothes, shoes and cleaning supplies, said Israfil Bahar, accommodation manager of Suruc camp.

The old tents in the camps are replaced with winter tents, he told Anadolu Agency.

“Many NGOs in Turkey have contributed to the preparations by donating winter materials for refugees, especially Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and Turkish Red Crescent,” the accommodation manager said.

He said that they have been trying to provide a safe and warm environment for the refugees and added: “We have around 22,700 refugees here [in Suruc]. There are 7,000 tents in 14 neighborhoods. Our winter preparations are ongoing. We are trying to do our best for our guests.”

Esma el-Emraniye, who has been staying in a camp for two years, expressed her gratitude for Turkish society’s help.

“Our tents were worn-out and as the weather gets cold, we were getting cold too. Now our tents have been replaced with better ones and we do not feel the cold anymore.”

Enver Ismail, another refugee who stays in the camp, also expressed his happiness after his needs were met.

Ismail said that with the help of refugees staying in the camp, the preparation for winter conditions are about to be completed soon.