"MIGRAAAANTS" a theatrical play focusing on the immigrant tragedy, will be held in Istanbu

Refugees’ struggle to survive that takes place right in front of our eyes is brought to stage by Genco Erkal from Matei Visniec’s realist play with sporadically absurd touches. The play will be staged in documentary theatre style, which Genco Erkal frequently tackles as a genre, and will be an immersive experience for the audience with its production, set design and overall statement. Migraaaants takes a picture of the situation as it scrutinizes every aspect of this bleeding wound of the planet and says “Our countries are dying. There’s nothing left to do when a country starts to die”.


Community name: Dostlar Tiyatrosu Written by: Matei Visniec Translated into Turkish by: Zeynep Irgat, Osman Senemoğlu Directed by: Genco Erkal Stage Design & Costume: Claude Leon Dramaturgy: Genco Erkal Video & Sound Design: Ümit Kıvanç Music: Nâzım Çınar Light Design: Hakan Özipek Visual Research: Melih Tatlıcan Performers (in alphabetical order): Şirvan Akan, Ayşe Lebriz Berkem, Lütfi Can Bulut, Cem Çetin, Genco Erkal, Yiğit Yarar

Turkish with English surtitles.

Date: November 22

Address: Kenter Tiyatrosu, Halaskargazi Cad. no: 9 Harbiye, Şişli, 34360 İstanbul