UN agency launches 'Help' site for refugees in Turkey

New multi-lingual website offers advice on rights, services, obligations for millions of refugees currently in Turkey

A new multi-lingual website offering refugees in Turkey information about rights, services and obligations was launched on Monday.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Turkey said its "Help" website would strengthen its outreach to millions of asylum-seekers and refugees in the country.

It said the website -- available in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and English -- would serve as the UNHCR's "online interface for information intended for asylum-seekers and refugees in Turkey".

"Help will enable both the Syrian and non-Syrian population to reach information across a range of themes asked most by asylum-seekers and refugees, from registration and refugee status determination procedures to education and livelihoods," the UNHCR added.

The agency also said Turkey remained "the largest host country of refugees worldwide".

There are over three million registered Syrian refugees, in addition to over 300,000 asylum-seekers and refugees of other nationalities registered with the UNHCR.

The site can be reached at: http://help.unhcr.org/turkey