Turkey: Teacher for Syrian refugee children


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Report from Department for International Development


Turkey hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees, almost half of whom are women and girls.


This rapid review looks at available evidence on how Syrian refugee women, girls, and people with disabilities have...


REPORT from Tufts University Published on 02 Apr 2018 —View Original

By Zeynep Balcioglu


This case study is focused on Sultanbeyli, a district located at the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. It explores the Syrian refugee experience and the role of social netwo...


KidsRights Report: alarming educational gap for Syrian refugee children looming, international donor community and host countries falling drastically short of commitments

International children’s rights foundation KidsRights has published a new report revealing the al...


REPORT from Danish Institute for International Studies Published on 18 Dec 2017

By Ida Marie Vammen & Hans Lucht


- The 2016 migration deal has redirected migrants and refugees on to new, more dangerous paths. The EU must remain vigilant in its work to pr...


REPORT from UN High Commissioner for Refugees Published on 08 Oct 2017

The key durable solutions for refugees from Syria are resettlement and complementary pathways of admission to a third country1, voluntary return to Syria in safety and dignity, and protection and a...


REPORT from World Health Organization, UN High Commissioner for Refugees 



Primary care

WHO continues to train Syrian health staff living in Turkey to adapt to the Turkish health care system. From April to June, some 665 Syrian doctors & nurses (out of 1,020 i...



IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues its relief activities since the beginning of the war in Syria for both internally displaced people and Syrian refugees abroad.

Refugees who fled from the war and reached to the camps built by IHH near Turkey-S...

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