Turkey: Teacher for Syrian refugee children


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By Vakkas Dogantekin and Ali Abo Rezeg 

War victims, refugees, poor receive cutting-edge stem cell treatment in Turkey free of charge.


Sakhidad Abdulsattar (2nd Left), his wife (Left), his sister (Right) and his doctor Sinan Dal (2nd Right)

Indian independence leader Ma...


REPORT from Tufts University Published on 02 Apr 2018 —View Original

By Zeynep Balcioglu


This case study is focused on Sultanbeyli, a district located at the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. It explores the Syrian refugee experience and the role of social netwo...


By Andy Favell

“Many people consider smartphones a luxury, but it is not a luxury for somebody who has left their family behind or who has other family members travelling ahead of them” says Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of Turkcell.

Turkey is home to the largest refugee populatio...


'Number of refugees Turkey has welcomed is bigger than the population of Paris' FAO representative says

Turkey is welcoming, compassionate and eager to involve newly arrived refugees in their businesses and communities, all over the country, Viorel Gutu, the Food and Ag...


Praised for its hospitality and management of refugees, Turkey, home to millions of refugees from Syria, is a role model for Colombia, which strives to tackle a similar situation of economic migrants from cash-strapped Venezuela

Venezuelan refugees cross Simon Bolivar b...


By Laurence Lee

The bodies are usually discovered half naked. They have been in the Evros, the river dividing Greece from Turkey, for weeks. And the currents or the fish have taken their clothes.

Sometimes there are personal effects - a pair of glasses, a chain of beads,...


Report from World Food Programme Published on 08 Dec 2017

Introduction and Background

Turkey is home to the largest refugee population in the world, including over 3.2 million1 Syrians, and over 320,000 asylum seekers from other countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanist...


Fatma Şahin, the mayor of the city of Gaziantep, became the first Turkish woman to be awarded Italy's Minerva Prize for her and her city's embrace of refugees from war-torn Syria.

Şahin received the award primarily dedicated to women at a Thursday night ceremony in Rome...


Turkey’s state-run aid body, Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) on Wednesday distributed food to thousands of internally displaced people in South Sudan.

TIKA is here today with the [South Sudanese] Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, and Relief and Rehabilitation...


Turkish police rescued 57 Pakistani refugees who had been chained up in an Istanbul basement by people smugglers trying to extort money, local media reported Tuesday.

The smugglers told the refugees that they would take them to Europe for $10,000, with the money to be p...


By Oscar Durand

For Iraqi Christians, Turkey represents a stop on the way to a new life in countries such as Australia, Canada and United States, where Iraqi communities are already well established. Although children have the right to education and resources exist, m...


Four-month-old Syrian baby Faris Ali froze to death in a tent in Turkey, five-year-old Afghan Sajida Ali's body washed ashore after a shipwreck, and tiny Samuel drowned with his mother as she tried to reach Spain after leaving home in Congo.

The three children are among...


The criminalisation of refugee solidarity is the latest salvo in an EU policy long predicated on stopping refugees reaching in EU states at any cost, be that by letting them drown, confining them to camps in Turkey.

A look back on three years since the end of Operation...


Joby Fox fights back tears, his voice breaking, as he recalls reaching out his hand into the darkness towards a refugee struggling in the water off the coast of Greece.

"He kept trailing this bag and I was shouting 'leave the bag, c'mon, c'mon'.

"So he managed to grab...


By Kevin Truong

British photojournalist Bradley Secker currently based in Istanbul, his photo project Kütmaan continues to document the lives of those forced to flee their homes due to persecution over their sexual or gender identity.

For the past seven years, Bradley Se...

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