Turkey: Teacher for Syrian refugee children


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Aralık ayı, geride bıraktığımız yıla bakmak, deneyimleri süzgeçten geçirmek, gelişmeler üzerinde düşünmek ve ilerlenecek yola dair değerlendirmelerde bulunmak için iyi bir zamandır. Bu çerçevede 2017'de dünya çapında insan hakları savunucuları ve demokrasi taraftarları...


Syrian sculptor Nizar Ali Badr has been capturing the story of refugees from his country, using pebbles from his local beach. His art has become the inspiration for a unique film -- the concept of Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer, who asked Georgian animator Sandro Kanch...


By Jasmine Lee

Nil Yalter is hardly a new name in the world of contemporary art; from issues of feminism to immigration, she has been expressing both political and non-political perspectives through her art for over fifty years. Born in Cairo, Yalter moved to Turkey at...


By Ayla Jean Yackley

The Turkish artist Volkan Aslan’s film installation about displacement for the 15th Istanbul Biennial reminds us that borders are arbitrary. It was therefore fitting that the artist would also present the work on the Greek island of Lesbos, where th...


By Will Tizard  

Walken receives festival’s Honorary Golden Orange at a splashy 3,000-crowd event

Turkey’s newly reformatted Antalya fest launched Saturday in the coastal resort town under balmy skies, striking a hopeful note in a region beset by crises.

Opening with a...


By Sean P. Means

In taking on an international crisis that’s happening in slow motion, the dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s documentary “Human Flow” captures the plight of millions of refugees around the world — and does so with images that are by turns disturbing a...


By John Michael Baglione,


In 2005, years before Donald Trump’s travel ban, Europe’s refugee crisis, or Barack Obama’s “red line,” Oula Alrifai and her family were granted political asylum from the Syrian government, without ceremony. It was the day before her 18th bir...


By Nick Vivarelli

The Antalya Film Festival will open its 54th edition with the world premiere of Turkish-Bosnian co-production “Never Leave Me,” based on a true story about Syrian orphans living in a refugee camp in Turkey. The country now hosts more than 3 million ref...


The Fire of Anatolia dance groupe is readying to stage new performances to draw attention to the tragedies refugees experience in Turkey, Mustafa Erdoğan, the general director of the group, has said.  

The Fire of Anatolia, which has performed 4,000 shows in 97 countrie...

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