Turkey: Teacher for Syrian refugee children


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Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) provides Syrians with around 750,000 breads daily during the month of Ramadan, an agency official said on Sunday.

“During the month of Ramadan, around 22.5 million breads will be distributed to Syrian families,” Selim Tosun,...


The United Nations refugee agency on Jan. 11 announced a new project to support refugee protection and services for asylum-seekers in Turkey, the country with the largest number of Syrian refugees in the world.

The 21-month long project is being financed by the European...


TIKA donates 50 tons of basic food stuff to refugees in eastern Cameroon

A Turkish state-run aid agency provided food aid to 5,885 refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) living in difficult circumstances in eastern Cameroon, it said on Tuesday.

In a statement,...


Turkish Family Ministry grants 25.6 million Turkish liras ($6.6 million) of financial aid to 136,000 foreign children

Turkish Family and Social Policy Ministry has provided a total of 25.6 million Turkish liras ($6.6 million) of financial aid to 136,000 foreign children...


To most Rohingya taking shelter in makeshift refugee camps in southern Bangladesh, the sight of a white crescent and star on a red background - the Turkish flag - symbolises one thing: a hot meal.

Turkey's state-run aid agency, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination A...


Turkey will build 5,000 more prefabricated houses for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, an increase from the previously promised 20,000 homes, Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ said.

"Turkey had promised to build 20,000 prefabricated houses for 100,000 people. We decided...


Kuwait's Al-Salam Humanitarian and Charity Society inaugurated on Monday a factory for tailoring and handicraft works for Syrian women refugees in the town of Sanliurfa in Southeast Turkey.

The large building was established and equipped with donations amounting to USD...


The ambassador of South Korea to Turkey said Friday they will open six health centers in Turkey for Syrian refugees.

Speaking to reporters in southern Mersin province, Cho Yun-soo said: “We are planning to open six health centers in six cities of Turkey in cooperation w...


The Republic of Turkey sent its first phase of food aid to Cox’s Bazar earlier this month.

The country delivered up to 55 tons of food aid to the district commissioner’s office in Cox’s Bazar on September 9.

The aid includes 35 tons of rice, six tons of vegetable oil, si...

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