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Korona günlerinde mülteciler: Evde kalamayız çalışmak zorundayız


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By Ayhan Simsek

Germany says talks underway on additional support to Turkey following criticism by Ankara.


Germany is in talks with other EU member states to provide additional support to Turkey for Syrian refugees, deputy interior minister told parliament.

In a written...


By, Daniel Heinrich

President Erdogan has threatened to ditch the EU refugee deal. After election losses and faced with escalating conflict in Idlib, the attitude toward the growing number of Syrian refugees has become increasingly harsh.

When President Recep Tayyip Erdo...


Hundreds of Syrians stormed a border crossing with Turkey on Friday in a protest that called for an end to a ferocious military offensive by Syrian and Russian government forces.

Video footage from the scene showed a huge convoy of motor vehicles massed at the border at...


Migrant policies should be explained well to Turkish people to achieve common consensus, social acceptance, Basak Yavcan, vice chair of the Center for Social Policy Research of Turkey's TOBB University, says

Basak Yavcan, vice chair of the Center for Social Policy Resea...


By Semih İdiz

The myth of Turkish sympathy and tolerance toward Syrian refugees, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been promoting self-righteously for years, is crumbling fast. Research shows that an increasing number of Turks now see the Syrians as unwelcome gue...


Releasing a statement entitled “Irregular Migration, Informal Employment and Unregistered Syrians”, the Governorship of İstanbul has announced that the one sent to removal centers will be deported from Turkey.  The Governorship of İstanbul released a statement entitled...


Anne O'Rorke left behind her three sons and husband in Ireland to move 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) away to Turkey to help relieve the suffering of refugee women and children.

"Even though I am unable to completely erase the dreadful experience for them, I put an effo...


There is no doubt that Turkey has a great burden on its shoulders, Denmark's Minister of Immigration, Integration and Housing, İnger Stöjberg, said Tuesday, referring to the millions of Syrian refugees in the country, adding that Ankara has been quite professional and...


by Burak Akinci

Amid current economic difficulties in Turkey, the Syrian refugees in the country are facing rising resentment, if not hostility, from the local population, especially following the recent local elections.

There are more than 3.63 million Syrians living in...


By Bethan McKernan 

Human Rights Watch says move leaves refugees vulnerable to deportation, coerced returns to Syria and the denial of basic services such as healthcare and education.

Several Turkish provinces have suspended the registration process for newly-arriv...


By Jessica Brandt

Home to more than 3.5 million Syrians forced to flee, Turkey hosts the largest share of the world’s refugees. More than 90 percent of this population lives outside of camps in urban areas. Given the increasing trend internationally for refugees to live...


Slovenia is working with the UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) on a program to implement the country's first-ever program for refugee resettlement. The initative will bring 60 protection holder from Turkey and transfer them to the European country by...


By Tara Kangarlou

On March 24, the Turkish army took control of Syria’s Afrin province, with objective of securing the strategic border region from People's Protection Units (YPG) forces that fought in the US-led battle against the Islamic State in northern Syria.

As the...


by Arwa Ibrahim 

Legislation could allow government confiscate properties of displaced Syrians unless they prove ownership in 30 days.

 Bashar al-Assad's government says the law aims to reorganise squatter areas and lands affected by the war into new residential zones...


The European Commission said it will grant a further 3 billion euros ($3.7 billion) in funding for Syrian refugees living in Turkey as part of a refugee deal signed in 2016, reports said Wednesday.

The commission is preparing for the allocation of a further 3 billion eu...

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