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The United Nations’ culture and education agency has praised Turkey in a new report for its “commitment to include Syrian children in its education system.”

“Turkey hosts 1 million refugees of school age and has committed to include them in its national education system...


The first of 30 schools, which are being built by funds from Kuwaiti donors, opened in southeastern Turkey for Syrian refugee children. Some 30,000 Syrian children will attend the schools funded by Kuwaitis.

Children in a classroom at the newly opened Kuwaiti-Turkish Fr...


Some 60 percent of Syrian refugee children in Turkey suffer from psychiatric illnesses resulting from trauma and anxiety, a doctor who has been monitoring them found. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Dr. Veysi Çeri from Pendik Research Hospital in Istanbul says six out...


KidsRights Report: alarming educational gap for Syrian refugee children looming, international donor community and host countries falling drastically short of commitments

International children’s rights foundation KidsRights has published a new report revealing the al...


Some 311,000 babies of Syrian origin have been born in Turkey under the stateless status, according to the Turkish Parliament’s Refugee Subcommittee that operates under the Human Rights Committee.

The subcommittee’s president Atay Uslu said the situation is a “humanitar...


The cash transfer scheme is for vulnerable families whose children regularly go to classes.

Leyla Reshid remembers the bombings. Her house in Syria was destroyed and she fled with her family to Turkey.

Now her favourite moment of the day is watching her children head off...


By Ayşe Betül BAL

Syrian children who came to Turkey as refugees take Turkish lessons from volunteers and are being introduced to Turkish culture so that they can better integrate with the society

It was the last week of 2017 and there was unseasonably warm in Istanbul...


Eight Syrian children who suffered severe burns in the Syrian civil war restarting their lives in Antalya, where they are undergoing treatment courtesy of volunteers.

As the conflict in Syria nears its seventh anniversary, the emotional and physical scars it has left on...


Turkish Family Ministry grants 25.6 million Turkish liras ($6.6 million) of financial aid to 136,000 foreign children

Turkish Family and Social Policy Ministry has provided a total of 25.6 million Turkish liras ($6.6 million) of financial aid to 136,000 foreign children...


Syrian schoolchildren in Turkey's southern Hatay province painted their love for Turkey on Wednesday.

A school in Reyhanlı district which was built by the Turkey-based Humanitarian Solidarity and Cooperation Association (IDKA) asked students to paint their thoughts abou...


Last year, Bana Alabed sparked a worldwide following for tweeting from Aleppo in Syria while it was under attack amid a years-long civil war. Now, the 8-year-old is authoring a book about surviving and escaping the conflict. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Marci...




Today, Turkey hosts more refugees than any other single country—almost 3.3 million. The vast majority are fleeing the civil war in Syria, and almost half are under the age of 18. A devastating consequen...


According to DW correspondent Diego Cupolo, EU funds expanded education opportunities for Syrian refugees in Turkey, but lack of physical classroom space and language skills still pose challenges for nearly a million children.  

Of the many services directed t...

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