Turkey: Teacher for Syrian refugee children


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Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş visited Rohingya refugee camps in southeast Bangladesh on Wednesday.

Addressing Rohingya Muslims living at refugee camps in southeastern district of Cox's Bazar, Kurtulmuş said: "Your emigration is similar to the emig...


To most Rohingya taking shelter in makeshift refugee camps in southern Bangladesh, the sight of a white crescent and star on a red background - the Turkish flag - symbolises one thing: a hot meal.

Turkey's state-run aid agency, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination A...


Turkey will build 5,000 more prefabricated houses for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, an increase from the previously promised 20,000 homes, Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ said.

"Turkey had promised to build 20,000 prefabricated houses for 100,000 people. We decided...


Pledging conference in Geneva hears Turkish commitment to helping thousands fleeing persecution in Myanmar

An international donor pledging conference for Rohingya Muslims who fled violence in Myanmar began on Monday with Turkey saying it would provide $50 million.



Ankara will provide college scholarships to 53 Rohingya students from Myanmar's troubled western Rakhine state, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu said yesterday.

Çavuşoğlu said that 15 Rohingya students are currently studying in Turkey and a new wave of refu...


A renewed cooperation deal with Myanmar Red Cross will help the Turkish Red Crescent will help to access hard-to-reach places in Myanmar's state of Rakhine and to help the refugees from the region.

A renewed cooperation deal with Myanmar Red Cross will help the Turkish...


Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TCCA) Coordinator Ahmed Rafiq today said his country will build refugee camps for one hundred thousand Rohingyas, who fled the persecution in Rakhine state of Myanmar, in the southeastern districts of Bangladesh.

He disclosed...


Emine Erdoğan'ın, Bangladeş'e yaptığı ziyarete ilişkin "Dünya Rohi̇ngya Müslümanlarının acılarına gözleri̇ni̇ kapatamaz" başlıklı makalesi CNN International'da yayımlandı.

Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'ın eşi Emine Erdoğan, "Türkiye'nin burada yaşanan krizi tek baş...


The Republic of Turkey sent its first phase of food aid to Cox’s Bazar earlier this month.

The country delivered up to 55 tons of food aid to the district commissioner’s office in Cox’s Bazar on September 9.

The aid includes 35 tons of rice, six tons of vegetable oil, si...


Bangladesh's Ankara envoy also urges Myanmar's government to accept Rohingya back into the country

Bangladesh appreciates Turkey’s aid in dealing with the huge Rohingya refugee influx, the country’s ambassador to Ankara said on Monday.

“We thank the government and the pe...


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ says Turkey 'determined' to support Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar

A senior Turkish minister has said the World Health Organization (WHO) will assist Turkey's humanitarian efforts in the Rohingya crisis.

Speaking to Anadolu...


Turkey launched a new aid campaign Monday for Rohingya Muslims who have sought refuge in neighboring Bangladesh amid new waves of violence in Myanmar, in an effort to move beyond condemnation messages and take concrete humanitarian steps in the ongoing tragedy. The aid...


Residents of a refugee camp for Syrians in Turkey have mobilized to address the plight of Rohingya Muslims stranded on the Bangladeshi border, donating what little money they have to the displaced people thousands of kilometers away.

It truly takes one refugee to empath...


Turkey's First Lady Emine Erdogan has visited refugee camps in southeastern Bangladesh for Rohingya Muslims who have fled a brutal army crackdown in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.


After arriving in Dhaka early Thursday, a special aircraft carrying her landed around noon in...


Turkey has called on Bangladesh to grant access to Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar

A UN refugee figure on Tuesday backed Turkey's request that Bangladesh open its borders to fleeing Rohingya Muslims, amid warnings that more people from the minority group were heade...

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