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The Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced this week that 29,899 Afghans had crossed into Turkey since January – this compares to a total of 45,259 for the whole of 2017. The Minister said 7,100 migrants have been sent back to Afghanistan since early April...


Nearly 30,000 Afghans have arrived in Turkey in the last three months, the Turkish government said on Wednesday (April 25), after Amnesty International criticised the authorities "ruthless" decision to send more than 7,000 back to Afghanistan.

Interior Minister Suleyman...


Turkey's eastern borders have seen an unprecedented rise in illegal migrants, particularly Afghan nationals, trying to cross into the country, as smugglers strive to make the most before the completion of a border wall

An oasis at the gateway of Europe for its open-door...


A report by Turkey's İhlas News Agency (IHA) said the Turkish Foreign Ministry moved to admit a 106-year-old Afghan woman into the country after her asylum appeal was rejected by Sweden. Quoting Foreign Ministry officials, IHA report said Turkey was awaiting the final...

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