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The Turkish coastguard has mounted a dramatic rescue operation in the Aegean Sea, saving 51 people who became stranded on rocks as they attempted to cross to Greece.

Authorities intervened after receiving an emergency call at 1.12am local time. The coastguard said the r...


Joby Fox fights back tears, his voice breaking, as he recalls reaching out his hand into the darkness towards a refugee struggling in the water off the coast of Greece.

"He kept trailing this bag and I was shouting 'leave the bag, c'mon, c'mon'.

"So he managed to grab...


By Diego Cupolo

Smuggling activity in the Aegean Sea has reached the highest level since last fall, and while the causes remain unclear, the Greek islands are once again becoming overcrowded.

Aid groups are once again struggling to accommodate a rising number of peopl...


The death toll has risen to seven after a refugee boat sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast on Thursday evening, the Turkish Coast Guard confirmed Friday.

Two women and five children died when the boat carrying 18 people capsized at around 9 p.m. local time [1800GMT] near the...

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